Monday, August 3, 2009

My Little Friends

I plan to use my blog to talk about my little friends, the magpies and the butcher bird family, that come to visit at our warehouse.

About two years ago, a group of magpies started to visit and I started feeding them bits of mince. They were a sorry looking lot, missing toes and a few were blind in one eye or the other. They looked as if they had been through some really tough times!

Every morning and afternoon, they would come running across the parking lot for brekkie and afternoon tea. It was easy to make friends with them and have them gently taking mince from my fingertips. If I wasn't at the front of the warehouse, they would come looking for me - even into the office. Since it was a hot summer, I put out fresh cool water every morning for them to drink. And they loved it! If the water was dirty, I'd get a stern look as if to say, "You need to get us fresh".

At one point, twenty of the little buggers were showing up including their young. What a sound they made when they would sing out together in chorus! I had to learn more about magpies and purchased a book about them by a Professor Kaplan.

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